Total Body Tennis

Total Body Tennis is a fast-paced class, combining tennis drills and fitness exercises with two professional instructors to get you into the best shape of your life. Regardless of your tennis level, players will have the opportunity to work on their strokes individually while striking hundreds of balls towards targets, executing a specific shot in each drill.

Our functional movement-based fitness stations focus on building strength and power. There are four very simple, highly effective fitness accessories that we use. They are the Bosu Ball, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball and Yoga Mat. The goal is to get incredibly familiar with the comprehensive, total body exercises we do in this class, to master them and watch your strength build quickly. Just like our tennis technique, we want to focus on doing things the right way, achieving mastery over the mechanics, and then execute the shot, or fitness rep, in the most functional way possible.

After a great workout the last 10 minutes of class are spent in our static stretch cool down phase. Stretching in these moments is not only highly effective for recovery but it is an ideal time to decompress and just let it go.
Total Body Tennis is where enthusiastic players of all ability levels can count on working out together with an inspired group, ready to hit balls, get fit, get healthy and have fun. Sign up today!

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What to bring:

  • water bottle
  • yoga mat
  • tennis shoes
  • racket (or we will provide one for you)

All Total Body Tennis clinics will be held at Dimond Park, 3860 Hanly Road, Oakland CA 94602