Live Ball Doubles

Live Ball is a fast paced, non-stop clinic that works on the shot selection, positioning and strategy required for doubles success. The format makes it a competitive yet friendly game where you team up with multiple partners and experience doubles play in a live play format!

The Level 1 clinic is designated for beginner to intermediate level players with some match-play experience. (NTRP 3.0 - 4.0)  The focal points of the class will be proper timing and positioning for the split step, understanding the preferred closing volley targets, and doubles lob coverage.

The Level 2 clinic is designated for advanced level players with high school or college playing experience. (NTRP 4.0 - 5.0)  There is a strong emphasis on situational problem solving, executing the swing volley approach shot, and overhead smash coverage in this class.

Live Ball Doubles is a great way to get moving and accustomed to those aggressive finishing moves you really need for doubles!  We look forward to having you join.  Sign-up today!

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Classes start July 11th.

All Live Ball Doubles clinics will be held at Chabot Park, 6898 Chabot Rd. Oakland, CA 94618