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Personal Training

Personal Training with Total Tennis Training focuses on quickness, stability, stretching and strengthening your body. There is an emphasis on core strength and lower body flexibility, two very essential components for tennis success. Whatever your area of need is, we will construct the right plan for to achieve your goals.

Mastering the basic fundamentals of movement is essential for all athletic success. The primary goal is to be functional and fluid. Once the basic movements are mastered, we can begin building a more explosive athlete.

On-Court Personal Training: $100 per hour


Meet Our Trainer: Whitney Koehler

Whitney has an extensive background that sets her apart from other trainers. To provide the best, most knowledgeable content for her students, she earned the ACSM Strength and Conditioning, ISSA Nutrition, and ACE personal training certifications, which has allowed her to help countless people achieve their personal fitness goals.

Her passion for fitness led her on a path to begin her own company in 2017. She launched Cali HSTL fitness, her program for personal training, online nutrition (with meal plans!) and customized fitness programs. She helps her students with weight loss, muscle building, Crossfit, prep for bodybuilding, and more. To date, Whitney has had 3 bodybuilding, 1 bikini, and 2 men’s physique competitors, as well as hundreds of online clients that have taken command of their fitness!

Whitney started bodybuilding in 2016 and competed at the NPC San Jose. In 2019 she placed 3rd at Wodpalooza’s 3-Day CrossFit competition in Miami. In 2021, Whitney competed in the First National Women’s Figure Comp NPC USA in Arizona. Her competitive drive is an excellent complement to her knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to fitness and training. She is very understanding of the physical and emotional journey of the athlete, as she walks the same path. Her objective is simple, to have students fall in love with fitness the way she did.

Whitney currently offers online nutrition, custom workout programs and group training. To learn more, check out Whitney’s Instagram @Just_wnk or @cali_HSTL_fitness.