Empowered To Compete

Empowered To Compete

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At Total Tennis Training, we believe that one-on-one instruction between coach and player is the most efficient and effective way to learn the game.  Whether during a private lesson or clinic, we communicate with you directly about the unique and specific steps needed to improve.  Understanding is one thing, but to really grasp the concept takes on court experience, moving your feet and feeling the ball on your strings in real time.

As teachers, we aim to isolate the issues you may be experiencing so that we can practice repetitions on the exact shot you want to achieve and improve upon.  It is within this communication between the coach and player that forms the on-court mission for you to experience growth in your game each day.

Tennis is a lifetime sport.  With proper mechanics you can enjoy incredible, injury-free tennis for as long as you wish.  Regardless of your natural athletic ability, current skill level, age or and other preconceived limitations, we will help you get as much out of your tennis, nutrition and fitness as you desire.  So come on out and start working with us at Total Tennis Training today!

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